ASDAN Career Education Service

Introduce VitaNavis® Career Interest Assessment authoritatively

developed by Myers-Briggs®, the world's top psychological assessment agency.

Its assessment has been used by an estimated 50 million people worldwide.

Developed over 90 years ago,the career interest assessment helps students discover

how their interests translate into academic and professional success


In 2021, ASDAN China established a strategic cooperation with Myers-Briggs, the world's top psychological assessment agency, to fully introduce the authoritative middle school student career interest assessment system VitaNavis into Chinese middle and high schools. ASDAN China has always been committed to providing students with scientific, interest- and ability-based career development. Over the past few years, ASDAN China has helped thousands of students in nearly 100 schools with career exploration programs.

Empowering Students: Career Workshop

Empower students with a clear self-awareness and career vision with a global authoritative assessment system, and enhance their drive for further education

VitaNavis Career Workshop


Introduction to VitaNavis® Career Workshop

VitaNavis® Student Career Planning Platform (referred to as VN Student Career Planning System) is a career system developed by MyersBriggs®, the world's top psychological assessment agency, specifically for the career development needs of middle school students. It is the most popular student career planning system in the world. It is mainly suitable for Middle school students aged 13-18.

The VN student career planning system is based on 5 major system modules, providing each student with an exclusive career planning homepage. Through authoritative assessments and multi-dimensional career reports, combined with a powerful career and professional database, students can explore based on their inherent career interests. It also combines the educational resource library and long-term career file tools to allow students to formulate and implement specific career growth plans in the system. career planning system. The authoritative SuperStrong Interest Inventory® career interest assessment provided in the system is based on the targeted research and development of Strong Interest Inventory® for middle school students, and is more suitable for middle school students' cognitive level and career exploration goals.

Introduction to VN Career Workshop

The VN career assessment workshop relies on the VN student career planning system. VN certified testers enter the school to lead students to interactively carry out professional career assessments and instruct students how to read the internal career orientation assessment report to obtain a list of goals for further career exploration and improve their internal Cognitive and external exploration motivation, a single session is 45 minutes long.

Empowering Teachers: Teacher Training

Empower teachers to have a solid career education concept and implementation methodology with systematic theoretical training and long-term case studies

Asdan Career Education Training Program

We look forward to discussing practical issues of career education with like-minded teachers:

How to use career counseling to solve the inner growth and motivation of students?

How to use career counseling theory and systematic tools to guide students' career planning?

How to combine long-term student career development with short-term further education guidance?

How to interpret the assessment report one-on-one for students and guide the target career and major?

How to deal with the personalized case problems actually encountered in student career counseling?

Training content and duration



Content Duration Format
The concept and origin of career and career education 1h Record
Hollander's Theory of Career Interests 1h Record
VN career interest assessment report interpretation 1h Live meeting
How to use VN for 1v1 career guidance and further education guidance for students 1h Live meeting
VN Student Career Counselling Case Study 1h Live meeting


Certification Requirements

  • Participate in at least one training program
  • Complete at least 1 student career counselling and submit a case report no later than 3 months after training
  • Pass the case report review

Certificate Issuer: The Myers-Briggs® & ASDAN China

Empowering Students: Off-Campus Career Development

Career Practice (Major Achiever)
Age:14-18 years old
Career Internship(Major Impact)
Age:16-20 years old
XLAB Laboratory Research
Age:15-18 years old

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