2024 The European International Model United Nations


2024 The European International Model United Nations

Reshaping the Future: Structural Change in a world of Development

Date: April 19th-21st, 2024  Form: Online

36+ years of history Oldest MUN conference in the continental Europe

Young diplomat experience

Learn the inner workings of international organization

Unique intercultural communication

Welcome Letter

Distinguished Delegates,

It is our utmost pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of the TEIMUN China Conference, organised jointly by The European International Model United Nations (TEIMUN) Foundation in collaboration with ASDAN China!

The theme for this year's conference is "Moving Forward: Fostering Development in a Globalising World". In a world characterised by increasing interconnectedness and fast-travelling information flows, promoting development has become increasingly important in order to ensure uniform progress and that no one is left behind. As the COVID-19 pandemic greatly exacerbated levels of inequality, the theme seeks to address how fostering development can ensure that global citizens are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to
navigate this highly dynamic landscape.

The chosen committee topics are compelling in view of the new economic realities and kept broad without sacrificing the complexity to ignite and sustain high-quality debates. We are confident that you will manage to excel in the debate and exceed our expectations!
The TEIMUN Foundation, together with ASDAN China, endevours to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where you can evolve academically and create lifelong connections. It is our strong belief that MUN conferences represent more than just awards or competition –they are a great opportunity to interact with people who share the same passions as you, to go beyond your limits, and to think outside the box. While it may seem daunting for first-time MUNers, rest assured, we, alongside the Chairing team, will follow you on this academic journey and assist you through what we hope will be one of the most exquisite experiences of your Model United Nations career!

With that, we are eagerly looking forward to seeing you at TEIMUN China 2024 and are looking forward to accompanying you on your MUN journey!

The TEIMUN Secretariat


TEIMUN is the  oldest MUN conference in the Netherlands and continental Europe, with over 35 years of experience. TEIMUN has its home in The Hague, the socalled International City of Peace and Justice. It is home to the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, and many other international organizations. It aims to bring together young, ambitious students from all over the world to discover new solutions to conflicting international ideals and national interests.

TEIMUN China is jointly launced by TEIMUN and ASDAN China to provide a professional, unique and intercultural MUN experience to Chinese delegates.

Theme and Date


Reshaping the Future: Structural Change in a world of Development



April 19th-21st, 2024 • Online

Committees and Topics


Topic 1
Big Oil - Monitoring the Influence of Industry Disinformation Campaigns

Topic 2
Tackling the Impact of the Rising Sea Levels on Island-States


Topic 1
Investigating the rise of nationalism as a threat to human rights

Topic 2
Between Secession and Genocide - Investigating Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia


Topic 1
Achieving Sustainable Development via International Trade

Topic 2
Building trade capacity in low-income countries


Topic 1
Victim Assistance and Protection of Witnesses of Transnational Organized Crime

Topic 2
Empowering Women and Girls: Preventing Trafficking and Addressing Gender-Based Violence


April 19th April 20th April 21st
Morning / Committee Session 2 Committee Session 5
Afternoon / Committee Session 3 Committee Session 6
Closing and Awards Ceremony
Evening Opening Ceremony

Committee Session 1

Committee Session 4 /

* It is subject to change.


Individual Award (per committee)

• Best Policy Statement(Position Paper)
• Best Delegate
• Oustanding Delegate
• Honorable Mention
• Verbal Commendation


* The number and setting of individual awards will vary according to the size of the committee
* Attendees will receive a digital participation certificate upon completion

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