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July 25th-30th,2024 Suzhou,China



ASDAN ChinaThe World Youth Economic Forum (WYEF)?

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The 13th ASDAN China World Youth Economic Forum theme:

Global Cooperation: Restoring Trust in a Hyperconnected Economy

The WYEF forum focuses on a cutting-edge global economic issue each year and invites outstanding high school students from around the world, as well as representatives from international academic institutions, schools, and business elites, to participate in discussions and debates. It is known as the "The Davos World Economic Forum for High School Students." As we can see for this year, even economy for developed countries has recovered from the pandemic of COVID-19, some developing countries are still facing serious debt issues. Credit construction and continuous cooperation are needed to build up the global economy. Therefore,the theme of the 13th WYEF is“Global Cooperation: Restoring Trust in a Hyperconnected Economy"


Message from the WYEF committee

Dear delegates,

We stand at a critical point in history where unprecedented events have heralded us to a current moment of crisis. Our ability to respond collectively and with resilience in this present moment will shape and determine the future that is to come.

The challenges that we face today are multi-fold. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a debilitating impact on our economies and societies, as lockdown measures and halting of business activities have led economies to experience dismal growth or to shrink into recession. As we enter an era of post-pandemic recovery, the rapid surge in demand across sectors has triggered supply side shortages, leading, consequently, to inflation in global food and energy prices. Additional factors such as global trade restrictions have further created a cascading effect on the crises that we face.

globalizing cost-of-living crisis and a rapidly deteriorating climate and related ecosystems to social unrest triggered by lack of economic opportunities. Beyond these ‘old’ threats, we also have new threats that loom on the horizon, such as increasing cybercrime and attacks on tech-enabled critical infrastructure which can weaken the digital security and sovereignty of nations.

Business, finance, and economics leaders now face an increasingly complex global risk landscape in which they need to navigate. To build successful and thriving organizations, leaders must understand the risks that exist and
identify patterns and interconnectedness between risks in order to secure a future of continuous growth possibilities.

In this World Youth Economic Forum, we invite you - our future business, finance, and economics leaders - to explore the dynamics of change, to anticipate emerging trends, and to identify solutions that mitigate both pressing challenges of the present and complex challenges of the future that are yet to unfold.

Outstanding teams will not just be able to demonstrate their drive to pursue capital and markets, but to alsopresent a vision and strategic roadmap to chart the path forward for a more prosperous and secure future.

We await to see your brilliance and we believe the best is yet to come.

See you at World Youth Economic Forum 2024!

Analyze global trending topics from multiple perspectives:

Committees of Business, Economics and Finance


Marketing | Management | Human Resources
"The stage for a new generation of business leaders. "
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Macroeconomics | Microeconomics | International Trade
"Economists explain our past as we build our future"
Click to learn more about the Economics Committee >


Macroeconomics | Microeconomics | International Trade
"Economists explain our past as we build our future"
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Finance | Banking | Investment
"Preparing the next generation of great investors."
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Winning Team

  • Angel investment: $8,000, the second place in the Global Round
  • Team name: WAVE
  • Team Members: Shen Yi, Hu Yike, Yang Mingke, Liu Yuyin, Zhan Keyu, Wang
  • School: Beijing Haidian Kaiwen Academy
  • Business Area: Nature conservation
  • Overview of business idea: Underwater UAV, through advanced technologyand leasing business model, enables more people to understand the livingenvironment and current situation of underwater organisms, thus stimulating people's idea of protecting Marine organisms.

Previous Mentors (2024 is coming soon)*

Hiroshi Wada

Serial Entrepreneur in Japan and Mexico. Lecturer in Kansai Gaidai University


Founder of Blue dot Ltd. and HOLT Ltd, Alumni of enterpreneurship competition

Moor Xu

ecturer in UC Berkeley,

Nausheen I. Chen

8 years marketing experience in P&G, Award winner at Tenerife Film Festival, Spain, nominee at US, Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).
yes! Application Process
YES! Application Process
Previous Yes! Qualified Teams for Global Finals
Previous yes! Qualified teams to Global Round

Previous Qualified Teams to Global Round




  • Team Members:Xinyue Yu, Chloe Ke, Chenhan Zhang( 2021All Star BS Bronze Award )
  • Business Area:Online plattform - Technology/Socialogy Services
  • lt is a social enterprise, a profitable business, as wellas a social contributor providing solution for the agingsociety with a free market method.




  • Team Member: Moyang Jiang, Ran DongGuangyi XU, Ruiyang Cao (2021WYEF BSNational Finals Bronze Award)
  • Business Idea: Thermal Regeneration Process(Technology and energy)
  • How to properly dispose the activated carbon hasbecome a critical problem to both enterprisesand the government.

Previous WYEF

Arinjay SinghaiYale University

Arinjay Singhai
Yale University

Economics and Computer Science
Alex Jang Yale University

Alex Jang
Yale University

Economics and Math, Co-Founder of the Yale International Policy Competition
Meibin Chen Yale University

Meibin Chen
Yale University

Biomedical Engnieering
Malia EllingtonHarvard University

Malia Ellington
Harvard University

Human Evolutionary Biology, Minor in Global Health and Health Policy
Collin BentleyYale Univerisity

Collin Bentley
Yale Univerisity

Computer Science
Will HodgesNew York University

Will Hodges
New York University

Commerce, Minor in Chinese
Elizabeth LiuYale University

Elizabeth Liu
Yale University

Economics, Head of Yale Investment Society

Face-to-face communication
with elites from top universities.

Sarah TisdallHarvard School in Brisbane

Sarah Tisdall
Harvard School in Brisbane

Social Science, Minor in Computer Science
Cynthia ChenColumbia University

Cynthia Chen
Columbia University

James ChungYale University

James Chung
Yale University

Economics and Computer Science, Tutor of Economics
Rahul MepaniCornell University

Rahul Mepani
Cornell University

Economics, Finance and Public Policy
Peter WilliamsonYale University

Peter Williamson
Yale University

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
David XiangHarvard University

David Xiang
Harvard University

History and Science, Minor in Molecular and Cell Biology
Alec DaiYale University

Alec Dai
Yale University

Economics and Political Science


Navigating the future: Building Momentum Towards Global Economic Equity.


主题:反对脱钩,接就是力量: 重塑人类社会的全球经济革命







Student Testimonials

2021 ASDAN China Business Simulation in fact, very dreamy. Our final result is really exciting, but our whole team is not complacent, proud. We understand that this achievement is just a recognition of our efforts. What really has a great impact on me and my players is the "whole process" from online, offline, to the All-Star Business Simulation, and then to the WYEF. For me, this process not only improves my personal ability, but also makes me love life more and look forward to the future. It also makes my mind gradually mature from daring to be the first to dare to be the last.


Ealing International School Shenyang
After taking part in so many ASDAN China Business simulation, I have learned an important lesson: never give an answer until the last minute. A small mistake could cause us to lose, or a change in the algorithm could lead us to win the market and turn the tide. "Tension" and "excitement" have always been synonymous with Business Simulation, as the CEO we need to constantly lead the team to overcome difficulties, go all out to deal with each link. Business Simulation r is never a person's battlefield, but the tacit understanding between the team and mutual support. To have such a spirit, for us, is the real victory.


North America International School
I got to know LIBF because it is called "CFA for high school students", it is closely related to the major direction of my future university application. From the lonely struggle of LIBF to a clear understanding of the discipline of finance, I have learned that the harvest of the process is far greater than the result. In addition to learning about basic financial systems and financial planning, we also learned about "mutual benefit" with the team, rather than the usual emphasis on personal style. In the Stock Exchange Challenge, we can personally feel the competition in every second, which can not only show the mastery of knowledge and analysis and judgment ability, but also test the mentality.


Zhengzhou Foreign Language School
From EEO Challenge to YES! Program, and from economics to business, we have encountered many challenges and problems. However, we still firmly believe that as long as we treat every link with our heart and try our best, we will be able to achieve what we want.


The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University
Our team came from the field of economics. To be ranked Top 4 in YES Programm was beyond all of our expectations. Although we did not enter the final demo day, we learned a lot of entrepreneurial knowledge that we had never encountered before, which benefited a lot. Besides, we also met Ervins(The YES tutor), and we were very happy to fight alongside him!


—Wuhan Britain-China School
I think the sense of achievement when everyone works together in the investment round and watches the profits of our team become more and more step by step is unparalleled!

Previous Delegate

3 Steps WYEF Registration

First Session

Delegates will receive a broad introduction into their committee topics. Directors will begin with a presentation that puts
their committee topic in a global context, and introduce historical context and background information relevant to the
case. Delegates will also gain a working knowledge of the key terms and concepts necessary to join an informed discussion on the topic. Directors are encouraged to begin the committee with icebreakers to make delegates more comfortable.

Second Session

The Director will create a "Speakers' List". Each delegate will be given time to present his/her role in the committee and
position on the current topic. Directors will elaborate on each of the roles as they see fit and introduce different
organizational structures and coalitions, thus providing a theoretical framework for the case study to follow.

Third & Fourth Session

Directors will also introduce the case study in this session. The rest of the conference will aim to tackle the case and devise a solution. Delegates will divide into coalitions according to their assigned roles, and draft a comprehensive agreement or policy recommendation, known as a "White Paper." Directors may choose different committee formats to facilitate debate and discussion while delegates are developing their White Papers.

Fifth Session

Students will present their White Papers in front of the entire committee.
Time may be allotted for a brief Q&A session

Sixth Session!

If all presentations have finished, Directors may use the remaining time to debrief on the progress of the conference and
play concluding games.