About ASDAN China Teacher Forum

ASDAN China has been dedicated to developing and introducing varied education programs that could match the subject and interdisciplinary teaching system in schools and to facilitate the teachers with rich education resources and approaches.

In the past 10 years, over 10000 teachers joined in ASDAN quality education forums; over 1000 teachers participated in oversea study trips in US, UK and Europe; over 2000 teachers participated in domestic study trips. ASDAN China welcomes teachers to join in varied programs for all-round education observation and practice, and offers sponsored trip opportunities.


ASDAN China Teacher Training Programs

Teacher Training Webinars Number of Schools Number of Teachers
2nd ASDAN China Math Teacher Forum 572 1431
2nd ASDAN China Drama Teacher Forum 171 342
1st ASDAN China Music and Art Teacher Forum 126 389
2nd ASDAN English Education Forum 135 418
2nd ASDAN EPQ Extended Project Teacher Forum 189 291
3rd ASDAN EPQ Extended Project Teacher Forum 218 424
1st ASDAN Career Exploration and College Counselor Forum 285 567
1st ASDAN Junior Middle School Quality Education Forum 148 394
1st NEA Public Speaking Coach Training Workshop 52 98
1st TOEFL Junior Teacher Training Workshop (Partnership with ETS) 45 90
2nd TOEFL Junior Teacher Training Workshop (Partnership with ETS) 45 90
World Scholar Cup Coach 100 Training Workshop 145 388
2nd Math Kangaroo Expert Committee Workshop 128 276
1st Oxbridge Application and Admission Officer Interview Workshop 132 244
1st ASDAN VitaNavis® Career Planning and Vocational Interest Indicator Training Workshop 36 100

Note: ASDAN China provides official completion certificate for teachers, marking topics and effective learning hours.

About Continuing Professional Development Certification

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. UK government encourages the professionals to upgrade their knowledge and skills through CPD programs to fit in the rapid changes of economic and cultural environment. Teacher CPD programs specially focus on teachers’ continuous improvement of expertise, teaching skills, career development and potential exploration.

ASDAN offers CPD accreditation under the authorization of Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual), ensuring the teachers are equipped to deliver the wide range of quality education programs and qualifications, and are familiar with the evidence-based evaluation methodology.

ASDAN offers progressive levels of CPD certification-Effort and Attainment, covering varied disciplines in primary and middle schools including:

  • Primary Schools: CPD for All-round Development and Self-Management (Stepping Stone/ Liftoff)
  • Middle School: CPD for PDP(Personal Development Program Bronze Silver Gold)/ Mathematics/ English/ Geography/ Science/ Career Exploration/ Expressive Art/ Speech and Drama/ Leadership/Enterprise/ Finance Literacy/Environment Protection/Volunteer/Sports/International Scope/Research

ASDAN CPD Certificate Samples (Effort/Attainment)