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Service Time

Volunteering is a powerful tool that builds leadership among youth,
helping develop compassionate agents of change active in the present and working for a better future.
——International Association for Volunteer Effort

ASDAN Volunteering Program List (research+volunteer)

The ASDAN Volunteering Program exclusively launches the inquiry-based volunteer project and combines research and community service, aiming at providing high-quality volunteering programs and supporting students to achieve influential social impact and a detailed portfolio. We offer multiple topics, plentiful subjects, professional tutors and engaging activities, so as to cultivate social changers with six core skills namely research skills, problem-solving ability, independent learning, communication, teamwork, and the ability to use information.

Teach for Rural China in Hainan
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Teach for Rural China in Guilin
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Teach for Rural China in Fujian
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Teach for Rural China in Huzhou
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Teach for Rural China in Sichuan
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Teach for Rural China in Dali
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Teach for Rural China in Shangri-La
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Rainforest Protection in Xishuangbanna
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Coral Conservation
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Qinling Crested Ibis Rejuvenation and Habitat Conservation
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River co-management project in Qiandao Lake
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Ecological investigation and eco-travel advocacy on Hainan Island
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Art Therapy of People with Alzheimer's(Shanghai)
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Promoting Gender Equality by Applied Theatre (Nanjing)
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Rural Vitalization: Business Support for Local Startups in Yunnan
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Caring the Alzheimer's Elderly by Dance and Movement (Beijing)
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Cultural Inheritance by Archaeological Documentary in Sanxingdui
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Inheritance and Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Jiarong Tibetan Village
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Cultural Inheritance by Ceramic Craftsman Documentary in Jingdezhen
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Why Us


  • Official member of International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)
  • The ASDAN Volunteering Certfication is accredited by UCAS
  • Certification for 40-50 hours of volunteer service issued by ASDAN China
  • Volunteering Certification issued by official partner organization

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , ASDAN "Volunteer + Research" Program meets the needs of colleges and the society for current and future talents, and cultivates the ability of discovering problems, actively acquiring and applying knowledge, and solving real problems.


Value for

  • Three authoritative certificates
  • Volunteer portfolio
  • Six transferable skills: research-based learning, self-directed learning, teamwork, problem solving, communication and presentation, use of IT resources
  • Research outputs can be further used in EPQ research learning certification to obtain university application UCAS bonus points and more opportunity of world-renowned universities' admissions
  • Visual academic outputs that is bene cial to the local communities
  • An uniqe volunteering portfolio that shows your growth



  • Professional tutor team: cooperate with frontline NGOs/social enterprises and experienced tutors
  • Participation: expose to real social issues and immerse in real volunteering scenes, and enhance the sense of experiencing
  • Realize self-worth: take actions and become an innovator and leader
  • Participate in volunteering service to contribute to the local communities
  • Long-term sustainable influence: take part in SDGs program continuously, and make a long-term sustainable impact!


Academic Outputs


research report: visible outcomes beneficial to real social issues


academic portfolio:an unique academic report records your volunteering services


real volunteering story:volunteering stories highlight your PS

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Qualification and Authoritative Certificates

Official member of International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)

ASDAN UK Volunteering Short Course

which is accredited by UCAS

Volunteering Certification

issued by partner organization

Certification for 40-50 hours of volunteer service issued by ASDAN China

Sustainable Influence

Inspire more people with our stories

Sustainable Influence Platform:The ASDAN Volunteer QuarterlyThe ASDAN Volunteer Academic Journal、ASDAN Official WeChat Accounts and other multimedia platforms

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  • • Real stories:inspire more people
  • • Challenging volunteering services:skills learning and methodology
  • • Fruitful experience:various outcomes
  • • Sustainable Influence:participate continuously

Contact for details

Know more about the participation process

• Step 1: Application
clink on the "Sign Up" button, fill in the personal information and choose the route, submit the registration information and complete the registration

• Signing contract and payment
ASDAN China will sign the contract with the parents after confirming the enrollment quota. Parents will pay for the program within 5 working days.

• Step 3: Academic Training & Preparation
ASDAN China will provide online courses to help students understand their work better and the safety precautions.

• Step 4: Attendance
Complete the program successfully.

• Step 5: Certificate
You will receive the certficates within 60 working days.

• Step 6: Encourage students to participate EPQ Research project
EPQ Research project:

Know more about ASDAN training content

ASDAN China will provide online training to help volunteers understand the meaning of volunteering services, history, cultural communication and safety guidelines.

ASDAN Volunteer Project Vision
ASDAN Volunteer Report Training
Project local profile and schedule introduction
International Cultural Exchange and World Citizenship
Teaching as leadership classroom: the principles of teaching framework
Teaching as leadership classroom: teaching goal decomposition and teaching plan development
Long-term influence of volunteers
Rules and safety instructions