Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Model United Nations Conference (MITMUNC)

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Date: 6th-9th August, 2023


MITMUNC is a premier Model UN conference in which students from all over the world come together to solve the most pressing issues facing society today. Every February, over hundreds of high school students from different corners of the globe will come together at MIT’s internationally recognized campus to participate in MITMUNC. MITMUNC China will be run by talented MIT undergraduate students who, apart from their diverse academic and extracurricular endeavors, are interested in fueling the conversations that will lead towards the solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

August 6th -9th,2023




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Welcome to MITMUNC China 2023

Dear Delegate,

It is our utmost pleasure and distinct privilege to cordially invite you to the seventh annual edition of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Model United Nations Conference (MITMUNC) China. This year, offline MITMUN China is back, which will be held in the magnificent city of Shanghai!

MITMUNC China is an important and exciting addition to the MITMUNC family as our first conference series taking place outside of the United States. MITMUNC China 2023(ASDAN MUN Expo) is a multi day conference taking place on August 6-9. It is an unparalleled opportunity to meet and collaborate with other bright, motivated high school students from all over China. Students will engage in cultural exchange, practice negotiating and compromising through structured debate, and work together and innovate to solve the pressing issues of today and the future. We are excited to offer interesting and relevant topics that range from economically to socially focused. We are very grateful for the help of ASDAN China, our generous partner who is co-hosting this conference along with us.

Thank you, and I hope you will decide to join us for ASDAN MUN Expo(MITMUNC) 2023. See you there!

Diane Zhang

Joana Nikolova

Why MITMUNC China?

Broaden students' horizons in international politics and economics

Develop public speaking, debating, reading and research skills

Make new friends from all over the world

Winners are invited to the United States to participate in the 2023 MITMUNC

2022 Committees

Theme: Sustainable Innovation and Security in the Modern World

Security Council

Building a stable future for the Israeli-Palestine conflict

Peacekeeping, Recovery, and Violence Reduction in Haiti


World Health Organization

Reducing preventable diseases due to environmental factors

Mitigating mental health diseases in post-conflict communities


United Nations Environmental Program

Building environmental resilience in disaster-stricken areas of the Pacific Islands

Monitoring and mitigating air quality and the global impact of air pollution


Economic and Social Council

Financing and accountability for sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Promoting equitable technological innovation in healthcare for stable economies


Human Rights Council

Mitigating the human rights and the refugee crises in Afghanistan

 Combating climate change-fueled displacement in Sub-Saharan Africa


2022 Presidium

Hi everyone! My name is Dylan Robinson and I am a sophomore at MIT. I am originally from Hong Kong and am studying physics and mathematical economics (Course 8 and 14-2). Some of my interests outside of the classroom include the lightweight rowing team, research in the Department of Nuclear Science, and, of course, MUN! I have both chaired and been a delegate at many MUN conferences, starting as a seventh grader in middle school. I am excited to meet and work with everyone during this conference!

Dylan Robinson


Hi, I'm Xinyan, a rising sophomore at MIT majoring in bioengineering and am a crisis committee enthusiast. I have been participating in MUN since freshman year of high school and am a firm believer in the potential of international cooperation. In my free time I can be found playing video games, reading, attempting to learn digital art, and struggling to write fan translations.

Xinyan Pan


Hi, I'm Maya and I'm an incoming junior at MIT. I'm planning on studying Computer Science with the hopes of going forward with an AI/ML track. I have done MUN in both high school and college, and have loved both attending conferences as a delegate as well as chairing. Outside of MITMUNC, I'm involved in an ML research project and Greek life. In my free time, I love puzzles, reality game show competitions, and playing tennis.

Maya Abiram

My name is William Nolan and I am a rising junior student at MIT from Maryland majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Additionally I am working on my Spanish concentration. Some of my current hobbies include Taekwondo, robotics, and of course Model UN. I am also very passionate about teaching and tutoring and plan on working as a professor in the future. I’m looking forward to chairing at this upcoming conference!

William Nolan


Hi! I am a rising senior at MIT studying computer science and bioengineering, along with some economics and chemistry. I am also pre-med and perform research at the intersection of computation and healthcare. I participate in Indian classical dance, and enjoy listening to Indian music and cooking in my free time. I have been a part of MITMUNC since freshman year and am going to be chairing this conference for the second time, so looking forward to all of your enthusiasm and debate!

Stuti Khandwala


Conference Dates

Time: 6th-8th August 2022 Language: English

March-July Registration
July 20 19:00-21:00:MIT IDEA HACKATHON,online topic interaction and discussion
July 22 19:00-21:00:Position paper guidance
July 30 Position paper feedback
 August 01 All          day:  Submit the position paper
 August 04 19:00-21:00:Rules and Procedure Training
 August 06 09:00-09:30:Opening Ceremony
09:30-12:00:Ice breaking&Committee Session 1
14:00-17:00:Committee Session 2
19:00-22:00:Committee Session 3
 August 07 09:00-12:00:Committee Session 4
14:00-17:00:Committee Session 5
19:00-22:00:Committee Session 6
 August 08 09:00-12:00:Committee Session 7& Talent Show
12:00-13:00:Awarding Ceremony


Each committee will present the following awards:

Best Delegate
Best Position Paper
Outstanding Delegate
Honorable Mention

All delegates will receive:

Certificate of Completion from MITMUNC CHINA

Winners will be invited to:

United States to participate in the MITMUNC



1. You can register here.


9th July 2023
*Background guides will be released on July.

Refund policy

1. After registration and payment, if any students withdraw before June 25, 2023, students will get a full refund;

2. Any students withdraw from June 25-July 2,2023, 75% of delegate fee will be refund;

3. Any students withdraw from July 2-July 9, 2023, 50% of delegate fee will be refund;

4. Any students withdraw from July 9-July 23, 2023, 25% of delegate fee will be refund;

5. After July 23, 2023, all the application for refunding are not acceptable.

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South China

Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Fujian, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas


South China

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