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ASDAN Career Education

ASDAN Career Internship Practice (Major Impact) is based on the ASDAN Career Exploration series of courses from the UK Vocational Education system and the academic framework of the Minnesota State CAREERwise program, one of the global models for career education. This practice also draws on Make Caring Common (MCC) special program of the Harvard Graduate School of Education for the development of prospective talent.

ASDAN career exploration and professional development Program for adolescents encourages students to develop their interests, explore and interact with the real world practically, learn about professional knowledge and career paths early, and manage to use their expertise to render positive social impact, which will provide them with a clear choice of their future profession, find what they really and deeply love, and achieve development with their own unique advantages.

ASDAN Career Internship Practice

The Career Internship Practice is an innovative program of ASDAN for students to practice in the society, offering an online career practice program for young students who already have a certain knowledge foundation in each discipline. During the weekend evenings, this program combines industry knowledge training and career skills supervision to encourage students to undertake independent tasks in a real business operation so they can ultimately make a positive social impact.

This program enhances students' understanding and application of professional knowledge through practical exercises in enterprises, develops prospective career skills and professionalism, further clarifies their professional and career growth 
path, and gives them a valuable practical platform to accumulate and show their unique strengths.


Amplify Trading
Provide the latest information on international financial market trend for over 10,000 university students in the whole world

Internship Units:Amplify Trading
Position:International Financial Market Analyst
Amplify Trading A.T. 中国
Internship Schedule:
Oxford Capital
Produce Inudstry Research and Due Diligence in Oxford Capital IBD

Internship Units:Oxford Capital
Position:IBD Assistant
Oxford Capital
Internship Schedule:
Maker Sustainability Consulting
Provide sustainable strategic consulting report for community e-commerce enterprises

Internship Units:Maker Sustainability Consulting
Position:Consulting Assistant
Internship Schedule:
Complete consumer insight researches for international leading brands

Internship Units:i2mago
Position:Marketing Specialist
Internship Schedule:
Investigate the market dynamics of luxury goods and participate in the new band and marketing project plans of LEAF XIA

Internship Units:LEAF XIA
Position:Luxury Branding Specialist
Internship Schedule:
NHR Studio Paris
Participate in fashion magazine shooting and fashion production & preparation of Paris Fashion Media Studio

Internship Units:NHR Studio Paris
Position:Fashion Editor and Production Assistant
NHR Studio
Internship Schedule:
TEME*EXPO Brand Laboratory IP Creative Design and Promotion

Internship Company:TEME*EXPO
Position:IP Designer
Internship Schedule:
Grameen China
Promotion for Inclusive Finance Project with Nobel Peace Prize

Internship Company:Grameen China
Position:Poverty Alleviation Researcher
Grameen China
Internship Schedule:
Provide Case Analysis Support For the Mindfront Psychological Consultation Team

Internship Company:Mindfront
Position:Counseling Assistant
Internship Schedule:
Rainbow Pen
Create science videos and teaching plans with psychotherapy NGOs for special children's rehabilitation therapy psychotherapy

Internship Company:Rainbow Pen
Position:Psychological Rehabilitation Therapist
Rainbow pen
Internship Schedule:
Micro MOOC
Based on the enterprise-level data platform, complete the analysis of real data in various industries and output reports

Internship Units:Micro MOOC
Position:Data Analyst
Micro MOOC
Internship Schedule:
LINKNGO & CitylinX
Provide urban small and micro space design solutions for urban think tanks

Internship Units:LINKNGO & CitylinX
Position:Assistant Architect
LINKNGO & CitylinX
Internship Schedule:

Why us

Professioal Career Education

Cooperate with representative enterprises/institutions in various industries, and selected meaningful and moderately challenging internship tasks, providing internship counseling and career development services in a targeted manner, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of students to complete the internship tasks that meet the application standards of enterprises.

Assist students to determine university major choices and long-term career plans through real career practice, answer "Why I choose and love this major" in the application, and create a solid and profound professional personal statement, and show "unique advantages" in the application.

Coures and


Provide students with real corporate background to gain insight into industry trends, and undertake career-related tasks. Internship mentors stimulate students' enthusiasm for self-learning and task completion to the greatest extent, improve the height and level of vocational ability training, and ensure high-quality internships.

Inspire students' career planning and academic planning throughout the internship. Invite on-the-job industry mentors of enterprises/institutions to guide professional ability, and ASDAN career mentors to guide students' career cognition and planning, and bring more growth benets to students through PBL internship tasks.



According to the actual business needs of enterprises/institutions, the internship tasks that can exert inuence in the actual industry are carefully selected and designed. It encourages students to complete internships in their interested directions, nourishing their development of long-term career values alongside professional practices.

After successfully completing an internship, students can take the initiative to extend the internship immediately next month or apply for another one within half a year. Students can apply to the mentor for higher-level internship tasks, and improve advanced practical ability. Students with more than 3-month internships have opportunities to get reference letters from the enterprises/institutions which is a persuasive proof for university application.


ASDAN Career Internship Practice Versus Other Internship Practice

Official Corporate Internship ASDAN Career Internship Practice Other Internship Practice
Internship Subject Official Corporate Recruitment Official Corporate Cooperation Private Cooperation
Internship Admission Strict internship screening for written test or interview


launch strict written test Pay to participate


Internship Tasks Satisfy practical business needs Satisfy practical business needs Assigned and designed by a private tutor, and the tasks and schedule of the internship are fixed
Internship Difficulty


Competence challenges aimed at career-level work output Empowering students to take on an in-depth PBL social practice challenge on their own with dual tutorship and internship resources The entire process is based on the detailed guidance and step-by-step requirements of the supervisor to passively complete a uniform and exact standard task, which is more like a course
Internship Tutor


Professional Training + HR Counseling Mentoring by business mentors + counseling by ASDAN’s career mentors


One-to-one  tutoring with private tutors


Internship Outcomes


With strict acceptance criteria, need to actually meet the business requirements and need to be applicable


Strictly accepted by the companies, the outcomes of the cooperative internship are integrated into the practical application and can be viewed in the corresponding external platform of the corporate


Accepted by private tutors, the outcomes remain at the level of practice and simulation, and have no practical social application value
Internship Duration Generally at least 3 months


1 month at least of short term, sustainable participation throughout the year of long term


Unsustainable Participation


Internship Fee


Companies pay for internship A small fee for business mentoring, career mentoring, internship management and organisation


Interns are required to pay a high fee to cover the personal time commitment of the personal tutor and the design and coaching of the assignment


How to Complete an Impact Internship

05- Week4

Core Academic Model

Career Internship - Major Impact

Front-line industries practice, experiencing the real external professional world and enterprise-level application scenarios, and achieve real external influence output, which is a high-level performance of professional growth

Career Workshop

Growth Path:Self-interest exploration
Academic Goal:Self exploration

Career Practice - Major Achiever

40+ popular majors practical projects, integrating the high quality education and social resources to provide a profound career practice , and answering the key question in the application for university " why do I love and choose this major.

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