Microsoft AI Innovative Application Design


Microsoft AI Innovative Application Design


Operation and development tools used in the world top technology company

Skills Enhancement in Python, Virtual Anchor and Dialoge Engine


Microsoft AI Innovative Application Design

The global articial intelligence market will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend, and major technology companies
around the world have basically achieved deep integration with articial intelligence. Microsoft is an innovation-driven
international technology company, and one of the few innovators with advanced articial intelligence technology in the
world. Asdan and Microsoft ofcially launched the AI Innovative Application Design project. Students have chances to
complete virtual anchors, dialoge engine and knowledge graph by SmartKG through AI models, allowing students to
work on industrial level projects in computer science led.


Program Achievement

Major:Data Analysis; Computer Engineering

Academic Skills Enhancement:Python,Virtual Anchor,Dialoge Engine,Knowledge Graph by SmartKG

Personal Ability:Observation, Analysis and Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem-solving, Leadership,Team-working, Presentation and Speech, Independent Thinking and Learning

Certificates and reports

Two Certificates: ASDAN short Course--Career and Experiencing work ,Program Completion Certificates

Two Reports:VN individual career report,ASDAN Career and Experiencing short course report

University Application Support

√ Show your relevant academic study and practice experience in your Personal Statement;Answer the key question in university application “why this major”;Prepare for university study, explore interests

Long Term Career Support

√ Clarify students' future major choices, find real interests and passion, enhance learning motivation, combine passion with career, try to solve industry problems, and fill in the gaps in career.


Academic Support

Microsoft is an innovation-driven international technology company, and one of the few innovators with advanced articial intelligence technology in the world.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Career Education

Psychological analysis and career exploration are conducive for students to improve their self-knowledge and knowledge of the external world to seek their suitable future direction.

Courses and practical projects from the world's top 50 universities; expertise and resources shared by the world's top 10 enterprises and senior supervisors.

First-class Courses and Instructors

Project and Problem Based Learning

Career-related task, research & discussion workshops, and instructions from professors to help students improve their problem-solving and teamwork ability. All the programs requires student to produce professional outcome and applications.

Students can choose from professional training courses of the world's top 50 universities based on their interests; they will have opportunity to be involved in social practices and earn achievements, which will provide them with competitive experiences for university application.

Value for University Application

Most Original Projects

All Major Achiever projects consider cognitive development and knowledge background of high school students, and take advantage of excellent career resources. This makes them the best for youth career education among 14-18 years old age group.
  • ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work Certicate accredited by UCAS
  • Training certicates issued by top companies in the industries
  • ASDAN Research Programme Certicate accredited by UCAS (Only for completing Grameen Bank Rural Economy Research Project)

Authoritative Certification


ASDAN Short Course - Career and Experiencing

Program Completion Certificates

How to Apply?

Application Suggestion
  • Students Interest in Computer Science, Data Science, Business, Statistics
  • Chinese
  • Chengdu
  • 7 days

Application Process

1. Registration
2. Application Approval and Sign Contract
3. Preparation before Departure
4. VN Career Assessment
5. Start Major Achiever Program
6. Apply Major Impact Internship

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